Enjoy Complimentary Free Breakfast

NOTE : Complimentary free breakfast with every stay, applicable on all room type.

AP or American plan

American Plan or AP means that apart from room rent, quoted hotel tariff includes all 3 meals as well i.e. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. In Europe and some other countries the American Plan is also referred to as Full Pension or Full Board Plan. This plan is good for tourists visiting remote places where availability of food outside/nearby or hygiene could be an issue.

MAP or Modified American Plan

Modified American Plan or MAP means quoted rates include two meals a day, namely breakfast and either lunch or dinner. In Europe and some other countries the Modified American Plan is also referred to as Half Pension or Half Board Plan. Preferred by most of the tourists as you can leave hotel with a good breakfast, spend the day out, have lunch at some nice local restaurant and go for dinner in the hotel after a shower.

CP or Continental Plan

Under Continental or CP Meal Plan, room rent and complimentary free breakfast are included in the tariff. And in case you decide to have dinner and lunch at the hotel, you always have the option to pay extra. Continental Plan is supposed to include a continental breakfast. However, hotel nowadays use the term for any kind of breakfast. Most of the hotels have breakfast buffet (for all meal plans) with tea, coffee, milk, juices, eggs, pancakes, local dishes, breads and corn flakes.

EP or European Plan

European Plan or EP will mostly have the lowest tariff in a rate card simply because it includes only room rent and no meals. This gives you the option of trying local food and save some money as well. You always have the option of paying and having food in the hotel. Another advantage of EP is that since almost every hotel has more than 1 restaurant, you are free to try and choose the one you like.

Genral Information

Note : You had to show proof of identity at the time of check-in. (In case of couple staying proof for confirming relationship like Marriage Photo, Family Photo, Marriage Certificate or any other document where couple relationship with name is shown clearly is strongly required.)
Check Out & Check in Time 12:00 Noon

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General Information :
STD Code : 01881
Temp. : Cold in Winter, Hot in Summer.
Nearest Airport :
Chandigarh Airport : 40Kms
Pick and Drop Facility On Request
Nearest Railway Station :
Rupnagar : 1 Km
Chandigarh : 40 Km
Pick and Drop Facility On Request
Note: (For tourists coming from Delhi, Rupnagar is the most convenient railway station.)